The Eye - 2011 (EP)

by Diablery

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released November 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Diablery Greece

Formed in 2008 ,"Diablery", is a herald of the Aeon in its luciferian form. Lucifer, being Man's Inner Flame and Will. This Fiery Will is the first pillar of Attaining Knowledge, Wisdom and ultimately the Godhead.
Diablery acts as the manifestation of that Will, using the medium of black metal.
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Track Name: Legion
Black eyes staring - Dead long ago
Empty, gazing the torment of the weak shell
Crush humanity under the Scepter of Malice!

We are the heirs of His crown
Demission of the heads to the weak
we are the lords of the utter dread
Eternal night descending and Moon of Forever
..And Moon of Forever..

“I was Attila,
I was the Legion,
I was in Judas,
Behold the truth”

At the night of the final battle
Thousands of Christians will die in sin
the bible of creation will be burned
No more lies from the followers of gospel
..And Moon of Forever..
Track Name: Vanity Of Darkness
I am the seeker of might
Through these years of decay
Bloody passage beyond
Drives you to the Light

Through the darkness I walk
Lord I was and Lord I am
Majesty! I glow in the Rot
Bow to the kings of grief

..We are immortals,
We live for eternity,
Giving the flesh, earning morality
We rule to the skies..

“The first Light of Gnosis
Destroyed their lies,
Unveiled the Vanity of so-called Darkness
Only through this Light
One can see
Abyss derives truly from Within”

These are the days of grief
Christians worship a cross
Now I’ve reached myself to the edge
Now remember this Pledge

These are the days of grief
Christians worship the fucking cross
Heaven is blazing for them
Your god will never rise again

I am the seeker of might
Through the years of decay
Bloody passage beyond
Drives you to the Light
Track Name: Aeon Of The Dark Light
Sun of lust is rising
Upon rotten fields of agony
Daughters of Saturn
Lain by my frozen throne!

I am Lucifer
Prince of delights
Ruler of the female flesh
Owner and bringer of the Dark Light

Bringing vengeance and destruction
Inventer of desire
Fed by degeneracy, as wise
My empire I construct
Reborned through the Shades of Demise
Track Name: Beyond The Cosmic Rules
Night of the dark Sacrifice
I sink my glowing wings
In the fire of the nocturnal skies
From my own ashes I shall reborn..
(with ancient power I shall rule)
..the Ursa Major astral kingdom!

I shall remain, I will prevail
The universe I will dominate
I shall remain, I will prevail
Beyond the cosmic rules

Reclaim the glory that is lost
Unleash your demons of the frost
The great new dimension
will born the army of the astral order
The Chariot of the Black Light will appear!

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