Architect - 2014

by Diablery

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Darkness. Nature. Science. Magick. Chaotic order. Space exploration.
This album is a tribute to Man's Inner Flame, Lucifer.
Its essence is liberation and moving onwards, consciously expanding beyond the norms.
Enter the Void and merge yourself with the Self.


released June 6, 2014

Mix and Mastered by the prominent producer Børge Finstad
at Toproom Studio
(Mayhem, Arcturus, Borknagar, Ihsahn, Enslaved,
Vintersorg, Solefald, Winds, Cor Scorpii and many more)


all rights reserved



Diablery Greece

Formed in 2008 ,"Diablery", is a herald of the Aeon in its luciferian form. Lucifer, being Man's Inner Flame and Will. This Fiery Will is the first pillar of Attaining Knowledge, Wisdom and ultimately the Godhead.
Diablery acts as the manifestation of that Will, using the medium of black metal.
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Track Name: 02. Architect of Manifestations
All is dead, all is lost
Lo! The Sun descends the sky
All is fading, all is gone
The Great Upheaval has at last begun
Thrice he passes the incense from the pile of Bones
Forsaken is no more the memory of the Eternal Vows

"Hidden in the Spiral Movement
Is the Key of Manifestation
Blessed are those aware of the Cosmic Channel
and worthy to enter the Congregation"

Here I stand a sworn enemy of this world
Which is festering pathetic for so long
The Key I forge into the Pyre
Set aflame by those who see
Thine promised eternity

Dark waters reflect the skies
Sending their gleam into my fiery eyes
"What truths are held by the Waters, by the Stars
and what by the Light?"

Still a sworn enemy of this world
Which is lingering pathetic for so long
The Key I forge into the Pyre
Fueled by those who failed to gaze
This new divinity

"I offer this Empire to You, Architect of Manifestations!"

The essence of the Truth eclipses Sun from sight
Perfecting the Darkness now in a different Light
In every density His code already dwells
Reflecting the Cosmos inside the very cells

Harmonic formations extend towards every direction of Space-Time
All orchestrated by the Code of the Architect.
Track Name: 03. Embraced by the Theurgist
Arisen moved therefore unto His servants:
"Show yourselves in Power and make Me a strong Seething
For I am of Him that lives forever...

Rise! Under the Blaze of midnight forest's Moon
Wolves howl the Rites of the Night
I dress with my lust the reminiscence of His sacrifice!
Sinking my Hands in the Fog
I weave the Symbols to open the Gates

"With might stroke the heavens with fire,
Unholy winds, plague rotting fields,
Hymns of witchcraft's spells and witches' haunting cries
Bone and Flesh torn apart, the Scent of Death will always turn to Art
Every blessed Deed!"

Hear! The midnight howling carried by the Wind
Cold by the snow the Path goes on implacable
"And on to the Devil my wretched Soul I bear!"

"Look above me: Celestial bodies are held within the Embrace of Forces Unseen
That shape the Fabric that you call reality"
The Theurgist embraced their Mysteries

"Coloring the canvas with the shades of white
This never-ending painting
Is all that I see, all that exists
My only destiny"

The Theurgist embraced their Mysteries
Once immense Current devouring itself
Where Destiny is the purest Liberation

My Will shall be the Destination
Track Name: 04. Vanity of Darkness
I am the seeker of might
Through these years of decay
Bloody passage beyond
Drives you to the Light

Through the darkness I walk
Lord I was and Lord I am
Majesty! I glow in the Rot
Bow to the kings of grief

...We are immortals,
We live for eternity,
Giving the flesh, earning morality
We rule to the skies...

"The first Light of Gnosis
Destroyed their lies,
Unveiled the Vanity of so-called Darkness
Only through this Light
One can see
Abyss derives truly from Within"

These are the days of grief
Christians worship a cross
Now I've reached myself to the edge
Now remember this Pledge

These are the days of grief
Christians worship the fucking cross
Heaven is blazing for them
Your god will never rise again

I am the seeker of might
Through the years of decay
Bloody passage beyond
Drives you to the Light
Track Name: 05. Magistris Inferiores
Bring forth the Chalice of Powers
Curse it with your noble Hearts
The radiance forms a sea
Magnifying thine sacred devotion

Eyes stare behind the Veil...

Upon to me
Let this world precipitate the splendid squalor of nescience
Upon to me

Every image fades as the prophesized age emerges
Your lives absorbed by the black hole that is created

"Η σάρκα της μάνας Γης γδέρνεται και ουρλιάζουν τα ποτάμια!"

Magistris Inferiores!!!
"Let me teach you now
What is like to see
Life and Death from beyond:
You exist and yet you don't
there's no difference at all"

Cold hand soaked with the stench of the dead
Eyes turned white there's no lifeforce left

"Τα σώματα τους απορροφούν κάθε υποκρισία, κάθε παραμορφωμένη αλήθεια
από τις πόλεις, από τα χτίσματα των ανθρώπινων ιδεών..."

"Μην ψάχνεις να βρεις εκεί την λύπη μόνο μεγαλείο μπορεί να υπάρχει εκεί!"
Track Name: 06. Thus Made Perfect
I've walked so far beyond the Veil
Along the trail that led beneath
The Mist protects my secrets
That lie naked for the world to see

Myriad candles have melt
As I've searched for thine words
Deep in caverns where only the weak
Nocturnal eyes witness the Mysteries

"This Abyss is endless,
I can see no way out...
But what have I become
Who am I?"

Ruins so old, megalithic structures
Stairs leading down below the surface
The Mist protects my secrets
That lie naked for the strong to see

The north wind whispered echoes of the past
Phantoms I've left to wander this place
To guide my future incarnations
So they can reach the deepest chambers

This life, this place, this curse...this glory!

The trail suddenly stops on solid walls...

"Every step I took into this Abyss, led further into darkness
Perceiving the Negative Light I accepted All that Is
My consciousness was thus made perfect!"

(Baal solo)

I open wide the doors, the sinister faces have waited me so long...
Track Name: 07. Seal Thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite
"Let them grasp the Shape of the Universe
For it is This which moves under the One Will
And this motion brings ascension
When ascension brings unity"

A voice unleashed by all cardinal points
Is now dissolving the silence
Igniting every mouth that will breathe in
Its fierce vibrational purity

Eyes looking upwards
The Ajna is open

"The last phase in the Cycle of Man,
The eclipse of his feeble, so-called God
Initiate the withering of Cosmos
His eyes open for the first time as if thousand years meant nothing"

I float alone inside a vortex lying out of space and out of time
My lives have formed a trail of fire leading to the abode of my Self
as He speaks: "Embrace this torment, accept my Light and
Seal thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite!"

Frantic movements disperse the dense ceremonial incense...

"I am the Source that nourishes the Tree of Life
Even if you all perceive as malignant my Essence
The impure Lead shall turn to Gold
Destructive forces always held the alchemic powers of creation"
Track Name: 08. Ichor Shrine Synagogue
By "light" and fear
They've closed our eyes
To the power that was always here
Each time I lived, each time I died
But now I know the why

An essence so black flows in my veins
The stars align again with the scorching constellation

My eyes are open wide
Pupil mirrors the Aeon
My name was Hae...the Keys are mine...

Imposters shall weep their lands
Their sun-god is no more!

"The chosen, the few, the Children of Stars
All they rise, awaken at last, to form the
Ichor Shrine Synagogue!"

They yield in fear
True faces are revealed
They were always here
Each time I lived, each time I died
But now I know the why

"Gather before the golden Altar of Impiety
Awe is the first step prior to Attainment..."

Utilizing an array of Mirrors I was able to see
The dark aura that flows through this cosmic endless sea

The stars align again with the scorching constellation
My name is Hae...I give the Key to you!
Track Name: 09. Blackness Enshrouds this Congregation
Thine Light is unbearable
But it is an honour indeed
To let It burn my life
So that true potential can arise from the ashes

Gathered from a multitude of dimensions
They bound their fates with mine!

Silent are the stars, vacant graves sailing the void unfailingly...

Brighter than a thousand suns
Your Darkness permeates my being
Bearer of the endless gifts
That mortal hands cannot grasp

Trembling moans, cries of despair
The time is close now, the Aeon is borned

Behold! The Aeon is born!

"I am He who calls for no prayers but devotion
To unfold the key, the Sevenfold Key, and its limitless powers"

"There is no door amongst the stones of the Earth
Yet a gate is formed for those who know, who will and who dare
And those who keep silent..."

Blackness enshrouds this congregation...

Empires fall and oceans swallow mountains
Perpetually for endless millennia

The Soul is trapped inside the walls of impotence
Faceless as the voice of Cosmos
Stares the emptiness into the center of the Eye!

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